Garmin Outdoor GPS Dealer

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There are many GPS Receivers from Garmin, for every sort of activity and budget.

We believe here at Jons Adventures that you can't just order a GPS Receiver from the Internet. You really need somebody who knows what they are talking about, and can help you along the way, because believe me, you'll need help.

You need to check out, hold and use a GPS before you buy one. That's why we have the following possibilities here:-

Personal consultation

Personal consultation around the subject of GPS navigation. We can fall back on many years of experience of GPS navigation by foot, by bicycle or in a Jeep or Quad in the desert, and pass on our knowledge with pleasure. (3)

GPS Hire

GPS rental for expeditions or bike day trips (We also have Rental Bikes)

KönigsCard – Deine All-Inclusive Gästekarte in den Regionen Allgäu, Tirol und Oberbayern

in den Regionen Allgäu,Tirol und Oberbayern.

Only GPS Receiver

Training Packs

Geocache Seminar
Geocache Seminar

Training Pack "Introduction"

What is GPS? How does a GPS Receiver function? How do I use it? Which GPS do I need? With or without map? Coloured display or grey screen. approx. 60 minutes under way on one of our house GPS Parcours and you will understand the principles! In our practice area with different devices, it should make it easier for you to choose.

Training Pack "Geocaching"

Test your skill with a hired GPS. Search a real Geocache in Nesselwang. Then you can be called an "experienced GPS user". Approx. two hours (1)

GPS Fahrrad Tour
GPS Fahrrad Tour

Training Pack "Bicycle Cache"

With your own bicycle or with one of ours and a GPS of your choice you can try out a bike Geocache and test a device as a bicycle navigator in detail. Approx. three hours. (2)

Training Pack "Bicycle Tour"

With your own bicycle or with one of ours and a GPS of your choice you can undertake a GPS controlled tour. Approx. one to three hours. (2)


Training Pack "GPS & Google Earth"

Simply and at a reasonable price look at you tracks and Waypoints and plan your route with free satellite pictures and maps.

Training Pack "Computer of Cartography"

Route planning (incl. height profiles) directly in your PC at home.

All devices and accessories that are not in stock are normally available within 24 hours.

(1) Suitable Outdoor clothes for a small walk are important.

(2) Please bring suitable clothes for a bicycle tour.

(3) Unfortunately, a telephone consultation is not possible. Here at Jons Adventures is more fun!

Unfortunately, for most training packs we require a protective fee. However, you will receive an equivalent voucher which is credited when you purchase a Garmin product from us i.e. Purchase your Garmin GPS at Jons Adventures and all Training Packs are FREE!