Bicycle Hire

Some of the JA Bikes
Some of the JA Bikes

The only real way to get to know the Allgäu, is with a bicycle. Miles of natural beauty, with hundreds of tracks and paths, all waiting to be discovered by you.

If you decide to take a guided tour, or one of the many planned Jons Adventures routes with a Satnav, or you just want to follow your nose: We will hire you the perfect bike and/or the perfect Satnav for your adventure.

Frenchie Cross Bikes

JA Bikes in the sun
JA Bikes in the sun

Where as some people hire old heavy bikes, which are hard to ride and take the fun out of a bike tour, we only hire the best and newest. All our Cross bikes are serviced before and after each tour, in our own Bike workshop, to ensure that you have a safe and perfectly functional bike.

If anything happens to you or your bike during the tour, just phone us up, and we will solve the problem, or bring you back. We're happy when you're happy. It's nice to be nice.

Conway Elektro Bikes

Conway eMC427 Hire Bike

Jons Adventures has now along side its top quality hire fleet of "Frenchie" Cross bikes, superb e-bikes from Conway. They have a range of 80km to 120km, and make the hilly terrain of the Allgäu a little flatter.

You still have to pedal.

Children's Bikes and Tag-on-Bike

We have bike for the little ones too. 16" single gear and 20" and 24" mountainbikes. We also have Tag-on bikes which fit onto Mum or Dad's bike, so that the younger ones can enjoy a longer bike tour.

E-Bike Test

Ebike Test
Jon und Gertrud

Before I can let the e-bikes go out into hire, I have to test them with my wife. So we took them out on a Geocaching tour around the Grüntensee. It was SUPER. I use it all the time now.


All reservations for Bikes and GPS will only be held until 10:00.

After 10:00 all reservations are cancelled, unless Jons Adventures have be informed that you will be coming later. In this case a charge of at least 1 days hire/bike/GPS can be raised if the reservation is then cancelled.