Training Packs

Geocache Seminar
Geocache Seminar

Training Pack 1 "Introduction to Navigation/Geocaching"

Daily in the mornings between 10 and 11 AM, and afternoons between 2 and 4 PM (Except Wednesday and Saturday afternoon)

What is GPS? How does a GPS Receiver function? How do I use it? Which GPS do I need?  approx. 60 minutes under way on one of our house GPS Parcours and you will understand the principles! 

You can do this with your Königcard.

Training Pack 2 "Geocaching"

Test your skill with a hired GPS. Search a real Geocache in Nesselwang. Then you can be called an "experienced GPS user". Approx. two hours.

You can do this with your Königcard

Geocaching (GPS Hide and seek)

Geocaching Kids Stuff
Geocaching Kids Stuff

Get to learn this super sport at Jons Adventures. I have 2 training Pacurs, and also run Geocaching Seminars. In the Nesselwang area I have personally placed a few Geocaches to find, or try one of the many GPS Bike tours that I have prepared for you. Go on try it, you're guarantied to have fun.

Knochenstampf  Tweety One

Tweety Two  Tweety Three

Tweety Four  Jons Bike Cache  Camelot

KönigsCard – Deine All-Inclusive Gästekarte in den Regionen Allgäu, Tirol und Oberbayern

in den Regionen Allgäu,Tirol und Oberbayern.

Only GPS Receiver